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At Fumba Beach Lodge we have our own watersport center, for exclusive use of the guests. At the watersport center we offer a great range of activities, ranging from SSI Diving Courses to Kayak rental.

About the area

Tourists on sand bar in Menai Bay

Fumba Beach Lodge runs parallel to Ukombe Reef (our house reef and is 8k in length) on the Indian Ocean.  After travelling on a traditional Zanzibari Dhow boat for a 20-25 min ride you may enjoy either the humpback dolphins or the bottlenose dolphins!  Ukombe is an amazingly healthy abundant reef with a bottom depth of 15 to 18 metres, the top of the reef is only 3 to 5 metres below the surface and offers a variety of colourful reef fish.

The sea here has very generous macro life!  Many species of nudibranches, leaf fish, frog fish, several types of scorpion and lion fish, clownfish, cowfish, boxfish, seahorses, pipe fish, banner fish, Moorish idols, butterfly fish, many species of wrasse and some parrot fish, coronet and trumpet fish, many types of eels including the ribbon eel, eel cat fish, garden eels, the blue spotted ray, torpedo ray and sting ray, up-side-down jelly fish and moon jellies, shrimps, crabs and lobsters…the list is endless!

The reef itself has the most beautiful leaf coral that looks like a rose garden, finger corals, elkhorn coral, table coral, many types of soft corals, mushroom coral, leather coral, sea wips and sea pens, anemones, gorgonian coral, barrel, fan, tube and finger sponges.

If you are here between August and October you may be lucky enough to see a humpback whale breach the water or jump entirely out of the sea!  During that time as well you can often hear the humpback whales’ song beneath the surface, a moment you will not forget!

Activities offered:

Swatersports-zanzibarnorkeling Excursions (1/2 day) 50 USD pp – includes snorkel equipment, towels, fresh fruit, sodas, water and in-water guide

Picnic Excursions (full day) 85 USD pp – day begins with an hour long snorkel then off to a small island where the crew prepare a bbq lunch for your enjoyment while you are relaxing on the beach or lounging in the sea in pool like conditions, or snorkeling again.  Very Robinson Crusoe…straw mats!  Our most popular excursion!  Fantastic day on the sea!

Kayak Rental – (2 hours) 15 USD per boat – best to do when the tide is high!  See the water sports centre for daily tide timing.  Gently paddle along the shore to see birdlife, Fumba Village.  Add a rental of some fins, snorkel and mask to stop along the mangroves and explore the underwater world for only 8 USD additionally.

Scuba Diving – Fun diving! For experienced divers we offer dive savings…the more you do the less per dive it costs.  All of the dive packages below include all gear rental, fresh fruit, sodas, water, towels and a certified guide.

  • 1 tank dive = 75 USD
  • 2 tank dive = 140 USD
  • 4 tank dive = 240 USD
  • 6 tank dive = 330 USD (includes 2 wreck dives Stone Town*)
  • 8 tank dive = 420 USD (includes 2 wreck dives and 1 night dive*)
  • 10 tank dive = 500 USD (includes 2 wreck dives, 1 night dive and 3 dives Mnemba east coast*)
  • *exclusive transport fees

Scuba Diving Courses – For those of you that want to learn how to dive (please contact us for prices, eLearning instruction, and booking your spot with our SSI / PADI instructor!

We offer the following SSI courses:

  • Basic Diver or Scuba Diver
  • Open Water Certificate
  • Advanced Adventure Certificate (5 specialty dives)
  • React Right (First Aid/CPR/AEO)
  • Dive Master (Professional)

Please note:  We offer eLearning (online course instead of reading text) so that you may complete your Theory online in the comfort of your home prior to arrival.  This way you can spend more time enjoying your surroundings and enjoy diving rather than be stuck in a classroom!

For bookings or inquiries please contact:


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